Top Animated Movies For Kids

admin February 9, 2018 Views 41

Thanks to technological advancement today, movies are not only about the people acting out a role since there are now cartoons created by computer graphics who will serve as the main characters, voiced by some well-known celebrities. Without further ado, here are some of the best animated movies that your kids will surely love.

Movies Intended For Kids

  • Finding Dory – who wouldn’t want to swim the ocean again to look for their best friend, right? Join the adventures of our fish friends as they meet new creatures while Dory is set out to find her long-lost family. As what she always sings about, you just have to keep swimming.
  • Cars 3 – the third part of one of the favorite animated movies which involves the red racing car, Lightning Mcqueen as he continues his career being a racer, but eventually finding out that he is no longer part of the tracks due to the new models being introduced and beating him on the race.

  • Storks – it was a myth that babies are delivered by storks and this cartoon just literally made the storyline like that. Now delivering online items, would they be able to unfold something that will make them deliver babies again to people?