Aka X Pinku

Aka X Pinku

First, I want to say that I really love this movie and this is my honest review. I even refuse to compare Aka X Pinku, action with others, masterpiece I was so emotionally destroyed that I saw the entire movie three times on the internet almost in one go. I will remember some of the stages of this movie as much as the funeral ceremony. The actors performed well and the story is great. The sum of detail and little aspects of the movie that you can long time later is seriously amazing. ... Seriously, I want to watch this movie again online. There is no better place than FmoviesTV.site with all my movie, it would not work without this movie, so I added Now you can watch this incredible movie live. Now enjoy this great adventure and enjoy it.

Genre: Action

Actors: Yuria Haga, Oshima Haruka, Sanae Hitomi

Directors: Koichi Sakamoto

Country: Japan

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 8,9